Welcome to Classic Café Management... where the inviting aroma of genuine homestyle cooking fills the air... where the personal attention of friendly, enthusiastic staff members make guests feel right at home... and where unique business model, creative food programs, and efficient operational policies provide exceptional value to every client and guest served.

    Founded by Michael Giamarino, Classic Café Management is based on the premise that today’s corporate population is hungry for a simplified         

approach to having a consistently satisfying workplace dining experience.  Classic Café Management is bringing back to the table a quality menu of traditional, comfort foods combined with warm, genuine hospitality.

    While this classic approach may sound simple, it’s really much more than just filling a new niche.  It’s understanding the kinds of food customers like, the way they want it prepared and served, and the kind of atmosphere that makes them comfortable.  Classic Café Management is giving guests all of that, along with a reason to come back day after day.  By returning to “The Classics” in food and service,      Classic Café Management is creating a dining experience second to none.    

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